Nature versus Nurture: Can we control our response to stress?

Epigenetics and the “new” biology defines how our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs create our body’s conditions, ranging from health to disease. Since only 1% of disease is due to genetic defects, the remaining 99% is directly attributable to the environment and our nervous system’s perception of the environment. In the recent World Summit on Integrative Medicine, Dr. Bruce Lipton shared the latest findings on stress and how our environment and our thoughts are 99% of what contributes to our health or disease. He says stress is recognized to be the primary source of disease and responsible for up to 90% of all doctor office visits. “It is now known that our thoughts, whether right or wrong, actually change our biology.” The Buddha said, “What we think, we become.” Epigenetics is now saying, “What you are thinking is translated into chemistry, which will determine what you will become.” What it represents …

Ways We Can Help Create More Peace in 2017

From Corporations to Prisons I am always in awe at the many ways I see TFT being used to help create a better world. It is so fulfilling to see those we have trained over the years, going on to develop projects that are having an impact on others around them; projects that can have far-reaching effects in our world for years to come. I want to start this new year by recognizing two groups of TFT practitioners and trainers who are making a difference. Prisons: The first group is our Rwandan trainers who have taken TFT into the Rwanda Prison and Correction system. They have been asked, with our support, to train the country of Rwanda’s entire prison and correction system. Can you imagine what a model this will be for other countries around the world. The healing of an entire prison system, both the staff and inmates. The …

NEW Book: The Craft of Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the most important skills in personal and professional life. Yet too often this key ability is neglected, leading to presentations which are dull, uninspired and poorly delivered.

Tapping better relationships

Make Peace with Your Past – Enhance Your Relationships

There is no doubt that how we experience ourselves in relationships is of great importance to us. Be it within the family, with friends or coworkers we are interacting and relating to many people throughout our lives. The scenarios are many, and the situations differ but underlying all is the hope that we create something harmonious and enjoyable that enriches our lives.

Assistance to the Kumamoto Earthquake

Dr. Niki Hearty, Hospital, President Department of Psychiatry, Neurology, Psychosomatic Medicine (200 inpatients) Apr. 14 9:26pm – Magnitude (M) 6.5 earthquake.  Everybody thought it was the main quake, but it was actually the foreshock. After the foreshock, nobody anticipated there would be another larger quake, but there was. A day later, 1:25 AM of the 16th, the main quake, M 7.3 occurred. Many houses and buildings collapsed.  Many people were frightened of having another big quake, so they slept in their cars. They experienced hopelessness after they cleaned up all the mess in their houses and then an even much worse quake came, creating more destruction.

TFT Trauma Care – Partners Program – in Japanese University

Japanese Association of Thought Field Therapy (JATFT) has a program for trauma relief, the TFT Partners program is one-day workshop where the JATFT provides certification for volunteering human services. The program is based on the TFT Foundation’s Rwandan community treatment model and allows anybody who would like to help others to join the program.

The Thought Field Newsletter

Dear TFT Community, I have just finished my first year in Virginia.  I love it and really am enjoying the change of seasons.  I am amazed and grateful at how successful our TFT retreats and trainings have been over this last year.  They have been life-transformative for many.  The beautiful Synchronicity Sanctuary adds depth and energy rarely found in any typical venue.  This issue of the Thought Field recaps some of the exciting events from 2016 and our collaborations with other “tappers” around the world.  It also highlights the new workshops and events we have scheduled for next year.  Based on recent research on how we can inherit PTSD, we have created a workshop to “Make Peace with Our Past”.   Rudolf and Mona Kaufmann will be joining me for this exciting new approach to healing our family tree.  They will also be joining me in February for a special workshop …

rwanda tapping

Urgent Plea for Matching Funds

22’nd Commemoration of Rwandan Genocide Healing and Mourning 100-Day Period. Celestin Mitabu, TFT Kigali Trainer and Director of Rwandan Orphans Project is leading national Radio programs, where even a Rwandan Ambassador called in for help.  He is working tirelessly to share TFT Trauma Relief with his country.  He has trained University students, the Red Cross teams and many others to assist with the monumental task of healing during the commemoration 100 days. He urgently needs the funds to continue this work for the last half of the mourning period.  Just look at the pictures to see all he doing to share healing with TFT. We have a pledge of three, up to $500, donations each for matching funds.  Please help us raise the matching $1500 to send to him.  He has the first ever national radio shows to teach TFT, is the first one to train Red Cross volunteers and …

Happy Birthday with Gratitude and Love

Today, May 8, was Roger Callahan’s birthday.  He was born in 1925. As I remember him with love and gratitude, I think of the hundreds of thousands over the years who have benefitted from his work. Right now in Rwanda, thousands are being healed from the genocide as they are in their 100 day mourning period.  I have received reports from Byumba and the IZERE Center about the many they are helping.  TFT Kigali has just sent me pictures of the thousands they are helping in Kigali.  Our foundation team in Paris helped many after their recent bombings, as did our Redlands team following the San Bernardino shootings. Everywhere we look, we see the need for this powerful healing modality.  Please take a minute and join me in sending love, light and gratitude to all, in his memory. Joanne M Callahan, MBA President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd.