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Introduction to TFT Tapping Basics

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“Tapping the Healer Within”

Love Pain reliefUsing Thought Field Therapy® to Instantly Conquer Your Fears, Anxieties, and Emotional Distress.

By Roger J. Callahan, PhD,
with Richard Trubo, Forward by Dr. Earl Mindell.

The first book on “TFT” by its founder Dr. Roger Callahan. Thought Field Therapy (TFT) has already changed the way thousands of people have overcome emotional problems. Now the founder of TFT shows readers how to harness its healing power on their own, to overcome phobias, anxieties, addictions, and other common psychological problems. The process combines principles of Western and Eastern healing methods, using energy points in the body to release emotional distress.

“An invaluable tool to help the thousands of people suffering from a variety of psychological problems. Even if yours is a complex case, Dr. Callahan’s method works.”… from the Foreword by Dr. Earl Mindell, author of Prescription Alternatives and Dr. Earl Mindell’s Secrets of Natural Health

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The Tapping Solution

“Tapping the Body’s Energy Pathways

Real People Reveal How Thought Field Therapy® Heals Trauma, Anxiety and Disease.

by Dr. Roger Callahan & Joanne Callahan

To all the Thought Field Therapy practitioners around the world who have helped hurting and despairing people recover their lives, this book is dedicated to you.
-Roger and Joanne Callahan

With the stories in this book, you’ll see for yourself how other people—perhaps with the same disorder or limiting behavior that you have—have used TFT to instantly calm the stress, eliminate the fears and phobias, erase what’s holding them back from success, and begin the process of healing, both physically and psychologically.

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Tapping Solution Book


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TFT Training Programs:

Overcome Fears


The Official Online
TFT Algorithm Course

Joanne Callahan takes you step-by-step through the process of doing TFT… showing you exactly how you can easily and almost effortlessly tap your healer within.

“Thank you so much for helping me overcome the anxiety and the compulsive eating that have plagued me for most of my life. Both are definitely much less. Thank you so much”

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  • Underlying theory of TFT
  • Psychological Reversal – Self-sabotage
  • What about toxins?
  • Fears and phobias tapping sequence
  • Visualization for peak performance
  • Post traumatic stress relief
  • Overcome anger and guilt, anxiety and more.
  • Jet Lag

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Suzanne Connolly is a licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor and AASECT Certified Diplomat of Sex Therapy.

Suzanne Connolly has been teaching TFT algorithm trainings around the globe for the past 19 years. And now, you can get 13 Continuing education credits for Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists Councilors and Nurses.

TFT Algorithm Trainings
With CE’s

Take your virtual TFT training, professionally filmed in HD, right along with a group of professional therapists, teachers and lay persons who learned to use TFT as they were being filmed.

Over the past 19 years Suzanne has refined and streamlined her original algorithm training class, which uses the basic TFT algorithms developed by Dr. Roger Callahan. You will be learning to use the TFT algorithms in their newest and easiest to use form, beginning with a basic algorithm and adding specific treatment spots for various specific emotions.

Learn how Suzanne combines traditional psychotherapy techniques with TFT to get to the root client’s problems quickly and to use TFT efficiently and effectively: Skills that can be used with the TFT algorithms… advanced TFT techniques.

Completion of the course offers 13 CE’s for Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Counselors through the California Board of Behavioral Sciences or through the California Board of Registered Nurses.

This training is available for a limited time for $249.00. You get a 168 page downloadable manual, 24 training videos, averaging 20 minutes each and 13 Continuing Education Units upon completion.

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TFT Training: Learn To Use TFT To Help Others:

Overcome Fears

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Learn Thought Field Therapy®
To Help Others

TFT Boot Camp Home Study

The TFT Boot Camp Home Study is for those wishing to learn how to use Thought Field Therapy at an advanced level to help others. It’s for those wanting to experiencing the training given at our live Boot Camp event, but can’t make the time to travel to a Boot Camp.

The program teaches the step-by-step process for determining precise protocols for whatever the presenting problems (the same methods by which all of the above algorithm packages were developed).

You receive:

  • CD – Evidence and Observations and Cheat Sheet package
  • 4 video’s – Day 1 and Day 2 – Recorded Live Boot Camp
  • 1998 Toxins – 2 videos
  • Basic Diagnostics – video
  • The TFT manual – 165 page Thought Field Therapy Manual.

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NOW ON SALE $427.00

(If you later decide to attend a live Boot Camp, $300 of your purchase price will be applied to your registration fee.)

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TFT Boot Camp – Live 2-Day TrainingTFT -EFT Boot Camp

Get Certified In Thought Field Therapy®

The TFT Boot Camp is for those wanting to get their TFT-Algo and TFT-DX Certification, at one of our live training events held around the world. We have taken the very best TFT has to offer and created an all new live training course, the TFT Boot Camp. Learn advanced TFT is a small group setting.

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