Tapping Newsletter: “The Thought Field”

Dear TFT Community,

The latest issue of the Thought Field shares many exciting happenings in TFT, both past and future.  We just had a great VT Conference and Well-Being Retreat in Virginia.  It is very exciting to network with all of the top level TFT practitioners and see the many directions we can and are taking TFT.

In June I will be speaking at the National Council for Hypnotherapy in London and then will be offering a TFT Update for all UK and EU practitioners.  Read how you can learn all of the latest at both the algorithm and diagnostic levels.

I also mention the amazing passive healing and polarity balancing tools we have been using and testing.  I have also included a link in this issue to a free meditation you may be interested in.

Enjoy our latest issue:

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Hope you are all having a great year,

Joanne Callahan, MBA
President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd.